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Social Care Workforce Solution - Government Lack of Action

Even with the arrival of approximately 70,000 overseas care professionals, the vacancy rate within the social care workforce remains at its second-highest level.


Although the numbers look positive at first glance with vacancies falling  from 165,000 in 2021/22 to 152,000 in 22/23, this decline can be attributed predominantly to the influx of overseas workers into adult social care roles.


Following the government's announcement of stricter regulations in March affecting overseas care workers and their dependents, fewer individuals are expected to enter the UK. Therefore, until the next government addresses social care by increasing funding to enable care providers to attract and retain staff, then the sector is left to explore alternative solutions.


One Solution - RAP Affinity


Many care providers have benefited from international recruitment, a hot topic at the recent DCHC Conference at Exeter Racecourse. 


RAP Affinity is collaborating with a social care learning and development partner, Indago Development, for their Pre-Entrant Programme for all international recruits, a 10-day comprehensive face to face course held in India currently, with the focus on cultural adaptation, an introduction to social care and supporting the Skills for Care standards. 


Eve Carder, Clinical Director for Evolve Care Group voiced her gratitude for international recruits “I had the privilege of working on the frontline with international candidates that had been through Indago Development's Pre-Entrant Programme”, this was during her acceptance speech at the recent DCHC Conference for her Contribution to Excellence during the pandemic.  She went on to say that the international recruits "had a really, really good understanding of social care" after being supported through the Pre-Entrant cultural adaptation and introduction to social care programme. 


RAP Affinity, without imposing any fees to the care provider, focus on supporting both the candidate and the provider throughout the introduction process.


Unity within the social care community is essential for embracing sustainable solutions to ensure well-being for both care workers and individuals living in care.  Please reach out if you feel more information about RAP Affinity and international recruitment is the solution for you.

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