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Links to Support Learning
Have you got an example of when you showed somebody empathy?
Do you think about how the resident feels while in you care?
Have you looked after somebody upholding their duty of care?
Have you heard of CoSHH before?
Do you know what a pressure cushion does?
Have you ever used a slide sheet?
Have you ever used a hoist?
Have you made sure that a vulnerable person is being safeguarded when in your care?
Do you think that it is acceptable to accept money from a vulnerable patient you are caring for?
Do you think that it is necessary to keep patients information confidential?
Have you ever supported somebody to drink that can’t do this themselves?
Have you ever had to help someone who’s choking?
Have you ever had to help somebody to eat a meal who couldn’t do this for themselves?
Have you started singing in public just to get other people to join along?
Have you ever used non-verbal communication?
Have you ever used only body language to communicate with someone?
Have you ever been on your own with somebody you couldn’t understand and have to look after them?
When you get emotional do you manage to stay in control?
Have you had experience of looking after somebody experiencing an acute mental health episode for several days?
Have you experienced having to look after somebody who couldn’t calm themselves down no matter what you did?
Have you administered an adult’s medication?
Have you interacted with people with learning difficulties?
Have you worked or been around someone with dementia?
Have you ever cooked a meal with an older person?
Have you maintained somebody’s dignity when giving them care?
Have you ever worked with a patient who was physically violent towards you?
Have you ever had to console someone who’s crying?
Do you know why it is important to follow a care plan?
Have you slow danced with another adult you didn’t have romantic feelings for?
Have you looked after somebody putting their identity and preferences at the centre of the care given?
Do you know how infections spread?
Do you know the ways that bacteria (infections) can enter the body?
Do you understand what PPE (personal protective equipment) is?
Have you ever had to apply a prescribed cream to somebody else’s genitals?
Have you ever had to wipe the bottom of another adult after they’d had a poo?
Have you ever had to shave someone else?
Have you brushed someone’s teeth?
Have you given someone a bath?
Have you ever changed someone’s clothes?
Have you ever put an incontinence pad on someone?
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