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Image by National Cancer Institute

The Applicant's Experience

RAP Affinity focus on working with organisations that promote a culture of inclusivity. We want to create enriched workplaces that are diverse and full of potential for people to learn from each other.


The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people

Working within the health and social care sector is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make, however, choosing to move overseas to the UK can present an exciting yet daunting experience.

Choosing the right place of work and type of care is the difference between happiness and regret. Recruitment by AP will support you in taking those first steps towards finding lasting fulfillment in your place of work and getting you settled in your new country with as little stress as possible.


During the interview process, we will ask you questions revolving around your lifestyle to identify your unique skills and interests and connect you with a provider who offers the perfect fit. As well as assisting you to navigate regulations and CV structure, we also want to help you with more personal matters. 


​At RAP Affinity, we care about the people behind the CV.

Places in the UK

We support many care homes throughout the UK. 

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