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Image by National Cancer Institute

The Employer Experience

At RAP Affinity, we partner with our clients to bring value and quality to their health care services. We do this by finding high-caliber candidates that fit the necessary skillset and who we believe will be a compatible fit with the culture and community of their service.

Culture represents the values and practices of service and is created by the people who work there. For this reason, the right selection of candidates is crucial in creating a successful and long-lasting team.

We must recognise the magnitude of an international candidate process. As an employer, you are faced with the difficult task of hiring a person into your team without physically meeting them and ascertaining their exact skills and reliability in person. 

This is where RAP Affinity can add real value to the procedure. We run an extensive screening process of all candidates to ensure their suitability and commitment to the role. Working closely with Solicitors and Government Agencies we have developed an effective retention strategy that produces a 3-year minimum employment guarantee.


You will also benefit from our employee training scheme. All candidates receive online mandatory induction training to complete before arriving at the home allowing them to hit the ground running. Part of the process is having access to the arrival service, training through Indago Development and a follow-up with the provider and the candidate.


We will work with you to ensure that your recruitment preferences are met, alleviate time-consuming paperwork, and be your relationship manager with the Solicitor and other agencies, which will all save you time, and cost and assist with short and longer-term workforce needs.


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